Assassination of ex-PM Abe detail profilng

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First of all, I would like to offer my best wishes to the late former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

If I recall, I rode a moped next to the prime minister's residence the day before he announced his resignation in the first administration in 2007 or 2008, and I even attended a tinny public university in Shimonoseki, his constituency, so maybe I have some more connection with him than other politicians.

He was a politician with many merits and demerits. I totally agree with him Japan ought to be a genuine country to protect the nation on our own.

But, considering the current structural depreciation of the yen as a result of Abenomics, which is based on the government's "money-for-debt" policy. It will only weaken the country itself in the end.

Amateurish Security Moves


The assassination yesterday, Friday, July 8, seems to have been first pointed out by the slow initial response of the Japanese SPs.

#Warning. This vid is disturbing.

#Warning. This vid is disturbing.
Closer video. He is going down the step himself after being hit, so at that point he is conscious = not instantly dead.


In the video, the sound of the shot sounds like an explosion, not a gunshot, so if you are not used to it, it is inevitable that you become rigid due to physiological phenomenon.


However, the fact that they did not cover former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe even though the first bullet did not hit him and there was nearly a 3-second gap before the next bullet could hit him can only be described as a fault.

The minimum initial response of the world's SPs should have been to take a low posture, even if it meant dragging him down.
However, only one SP directly tried to protect the former prime minister with a useless bulletproof bag, but it was too late, and the Japanese police was exposed for thinking that they could protect VIP with such an unrealistic device.


I believe that the suspect was the first thing that caught the attention of the surrounding security guards, who were more interested in the former prime minister than in the suspect. If one were to be a prick, it would be hard to deny that there was a sense of honor in the incident.

But even before that, there seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding of safety awareness among Japanese people.

For example, watching over children at intersections is the same.

They are watching only children and turning one's back to the roadway. It is obvious, even without considering the consequences, that the most important thing is not to look at the object to be protected, but to detect potential danger.


Also, since former Prime Minister Abe had his back to the roadway, the assumption that SPs are not paying attention to that side of the roadway.


At the very least, as soon as the suspicious figure appeared in the driveway behind the security target, SPs would normally have stopped or subdued him.

The fact that the main job of security was to remove any inappropriate placards or protesters in sight was also a downright mistake.


The security training was probably just training for training's sake, and even if they were physically able to respond to knives, for example, they would have been helpless in the face of unexpected situations.

No one thought it was realistic to use a gun in Japan today, and perhaps the SPs were "disciplined" to use the gun they were carrying as a last resort.

In fact, none of them took out their handguns. There was one person who held a bulletproof bag, but it was too helpless.

Musket gun + black powder + Pachinko balls?


Still, how could the handmade gun used to commit the crime be so accurate and deadly?
Since there was a lot of smoke, it must have been a musket gun that shoots with black powder, in other words, a kind of flintlock gun.

It was reported as a shotgun, so I thought it was a sword-off with the barrel and stock cut short, but it was a totally different toy-like shape, and a much larger caliber tube than an existing shotshell would fit in the first place. 30mm or more, I'd guess.


That means the shooter also made his own bullets, he must have been packing some pachinko balls as bullets. If so, how ironic(Pachinko is originated in Korea, n Mr. Abe was the ark enemy of Korea).

The gun was at least 5 meters away, so it was not that close, and the recoil must have been quite strong. Maybe he had been practicing quite a bit. It was nothing short of a miracle that no one else was hit by the stray bullet.



A signal gun of gloomy era


In my pre-Olympics entry, I wrote NOW is about the transition time, but I never thought that something like this would happen besides the Corona.


In the past, the Taisho Era, which was also a transitional era, ended and the Showa Era, which was gradually tinted with the color of the World War 2.

Although war is not close to Japan yet, I can say that the war with Corona is similar to that in Japan.

It will continue to be compounded and various factors will come into play, making the situation more difficult. The yen will weaken further, and it would not be surprising if a major earthquake or eruption of Mt. Fuji may happen.


Well, that doesn't mean that there are only extreme solutions for individuals, such as self-sufficiency or emigration, other than stockpiling and denominated assets in foreign currencies, or buying gold.


I have only one irresponsible thought: If I am going to die from some accident, it would be better to die easily at the beginning.



Tomorrow is the general election for the House of Councillors. The LDP will win easily this mourning election, but considering that there will be no major elections for the next three years or so, I can only imagine how the dangers of Japan not having two major political parties will be reflected in the next three years.


I feel helpless, but I will at least vote for the candidate of a doctor who appeals for the institutionalization of death with dignity for the proportional representation.










さて、昨日7月8日金曜日の暗殺劇は、 日本のSPの初動の遅さがまず槍玉に上がっている様子。







動画ではたしかに、発砲音が銃声ではなく爆発に聴こえるので、慣れてないと生理現象で硬直してしまうのは仕方ないところではある 。



引きずり倒してでも低い姿勢を取らすのが、 世界のSPの最低限の初期対応のはずである。









実際、誰一人として拳銃を取り出していない。 一応防弾カバンをかざしている者はいたが、あまりに無力だった。




それにしても、犯行に使われた手製銃が、 それほど精度と殺傷力の高いものとは思われないのによく当たったものだ。

ショットガンと報道されていたので、 銃身やストックを切って短くしたソードオフかと思ったら、全然違うオモチャみたいな形だし、そもそも既存のショットシェルが収まるよりずっと大口径の筒だった。30ミリ以上はありそう。


つまり、犯人は弾も自作していたことになり、 元首相に二発当たったということなので、 弾としていくつかパチンコ玉でも詰めていたのではないだろうか。だとしたら、なんと皮肉な。。


最低でも5mは空いていたので、そこまで至近距離でもなく、しかも反動も相当あるに違いない。かなり練習していたのかも。 他の人に流れ弾が当たらなかったのは奇跡としか言いようがない。



オリンピック前のエントリで、 時代が変わりつつあることを書いていましたが、 コロナの他にこんなことが起こるとは思ってもいませんでした。

かつて、端境期だった大正時代が終わり、 次第に戦争一色に染められていく昭和が始まりましたが、やはり今も似ている状況であるように感じます。




まあ、だからといって、 個人としては備蓄したり資産を外貨建てにする以外には、自給自足か海外移住という極端な解決策しかないのがツラいところ。

食糧を大量に輸入して、カロリーベースでその六割を廃棄する日本の危うさに、 一度は海外移住したものの、結局日本が恋しくなって帰ってきた自分は、何かあって死ぬのなら、最初くらいにあっさり死ねる方が良いな〜という、無責任な感想しか出てきません。